Mission, Vision, Values & Ethos

The WewClub Happiness process in 6 steps

Step 5
WewAmbassador: Role Model
Recruting, Campagning, Humanitarian, Mentoring, Inspiring Others
Step 5
WewCommunity : Giving back
Planning, Organising New Life
Volunteering, Helping
Step 4
WewBusiness : Bright Futur

Placement, Reconversion
Working, Your Enterprise Idea
Step 3
WewSchool : ...a New Way
Coaching, Directing
Training, Learning
Step 2
WewClub: Find Me...
Counselling, Listening
Activities, Socializing
Get Fit, Nutrition
Step 1
WewAdvices : Danger Zone
Advocacy, Awareness
Refuge, Protection
To climb the ladder of happiness and wellness...
...Women can enter in "Wewclub Happiness" process at any stage, depending on their personal situation. but they need to follow the path in order to find adapted support, to enlighten the vision of their future, to give a sens to their life, to feel complete and finaly enjoy having a positive impact on their community.

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